Belle pedestrian mini dumper sales - fast, FREE UK delivery

Belle pedestrian mini dumpers for sale. Fast and FREE UK delivery

Belle Mini Dumper Sales

For Belle pesdestrian mini dumper sales, questions or advice - call 01458 850 084


Power barrow flatbeds, skip loading ramps for mini dumpers, accessories, options and attachments for sale

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Pedestrian Mini Dumpers - part of Paul Helps Ltd

Catalpa, Ham Street, Baltonborough, Glastonbury,
Somerset. BA6 8QQ.


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We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Our Company

We are a small, family run company selling only top quality paddock equipment.

Call us on 01458 850 084, we have in depth knowledge of all our products and will be pleased to talk through your requirements ensuring you buy the best Belle mini dumper, mini dumper accessories or paddock equipment for your present and future needs.